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$99,760 + Shipping & Handling

  • Universal Robot: Model UR5e with UR’s Service 360 2-year warranty

  • ActiNav kit: 3D scanner, autonomous motion module (AMM), and software

  • Specially designed rack: supporting UR5e arm, teach pendant, 3D scanner, AMM, & a 2’ x 2’ x 8” heavy duty plastic bin

  • A suitable gripper for your specific parts

  • UR Certified 2-day Core Training: Hands on using UR cobots and other support items

  • On-site installation: including standard pick & place program for one part

  • Stack light: Quick glance operational red, yellow, and green display

Options To Consider

  • Up size to larger UR10e arm: (considered if longer reach and/or heavier payload is needed) 

  • Integration with a CNC machine, hydraulic fixture, or other equipment (see our machine tending bundle)

  • 2D vision part inspection camera integrated and programmed

  • Additional grippers for a wide variety of parts: magnetic, ID/OD grippers or vacuum (see our gripper product page)

  • The Wingman: fully automatic tool changer for multiple end of robot arm tools

  • End of arm air blow

  • Additional on-site programming

  • Customized re-grip fixture

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