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Welding automation bundle


Investment ranges from $87,500 to $117,500*

*Investment range is a budgetary estimate. Bundle pricing dependent on selected welder brand, part positioners / fixtures, and software features.

What's Included in a standard system:

  • Universal Robot: Model UR10e

  • Welder & Torch (MIG/TIG/CMT): Miller, Lincoln, Fronius

  • Certified UR Cap: Welding software that allows the arm and welder to work together seamlessly including setup for tack-welding, weaving, multi-pass, & linear / circular welds

  • Touch Sensing for weld path offsets

  • Mobile modular 30” x 48” table to house Cobot and welding components

Options To Consider:

  • UR Certified 2-day Core Training on the UR10e Cobot Arm: Hands-on training at our training center
    located in Iowa using UR Cobots and other support items

  • Extended 2-year warranty on UR10e

  • TIG or Cold metal transfer (CMT) welding

  • Water cooled welder

  • Seam tracking: Technology that keeps the weld on track

  • Wire Sensing

  • Integrated Part Positioners: For changing part orientation

  • Vision system: For inspecting / measuring / part verification / robot directing

  • 7th axis positioning: Increases cobot’s reach and flexibility to accommodate larger parts

  • Arc flash protection

  • Mega consumable package

  • Full robot suit

Have more questions? Give us a call!
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